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WHAT is ahbash (part 3)

By: Z. Alzamil

Al-Ahbash's Friends and their enemies:

Adnan Al-Trabulsi (the Habashi's substitute in Lebanon's Parliament), sa id " We are open for all people, we invite to the opening and good moral, we are in Islamic Charitable Project disagree with demolition Ikhwan party -his sentence in Arabic " Hezb Al-Akhwan Al-Haddam"- (of course he meant Al-AKhwan Al-Muslemeen), we are not fundamentals, we are against the fundamentals which it is looking for the chair and leadership, no for this fundamentals which judge all Arab's and Muslim's leaders as Kuffar because they - the leaders - judge by the law without believing that the law is better than Al-Quran". My question is that, how he (Adnan Al-Trabulsi) knew that, the Arab and Muslims leaders do believe that? I do not know may be this is one of Al-Ahbash's beliefs (as any Sofi) they can read the hearts!. Again I do not know!. Also, one of Habashi's candidates Taha Naji went to Christians' cities in the North region of Lebanon to get their votes, and he got their votes after he promised them to destroy Islamic fundamentals. Unfortunately, he did not win!.

To know who is Al-Ahabashi's friend let us get some information from the ir magazine Manar Al-Huda.

Islamic Charitable Projects made a party in Farasiy Palace ( look Manar Al-Huda issue No. 4 , 1993 P. 37-38), and they invited Agub Jukhrdiyan and Mieshal Adah Education's Minister (both of them are Christians as you know), and he - Adah - said " I know Islamic Charitable Projects very well, and I heard about you, in spite of that, there are a lot of associations, but you are very active, also I know Shikh Nizar Halabi, he is very gentle and may god guide him"(look Manar Al-Huda issue No. 5 P. 33). Khacheek Babekeyan (Christian man) said " If this association -Islamic Charitable Projects- did what it planned to do, then the favor is due to its president, congratulation to Shikh Nizar Halabi for what he did and does for the seek of Lebanon and its people"(look at Manar Al-Huda issue No. 5 P. 33). Also, in 1994 they made similar party and they invited some of Lebanon's Christians leaders (look Manar Al-Huda issue No.17 P. 41). Also, Ausamah Al-Sayid The Islamic Charitable Projects' represent in Al-Beka' (one of Lebanon's regions) visited Eali Frzali (one of the Christian candidate), the goal of this visiting is to power the inner relation and to united the efforts and the activities between them (look Manar Al-Huda issue No. 13 P. 56). Also, Nizar Al-Halabi and Adnan Al-Trabulsi visited Nabeh Bari the Lebanon Parliament's president for the same purpose(look Manar Al-Huda issue No. 10 P. 6). Moreover, in an interview with Adnan Al-Trabulsi -the Habashi's candidate-, he confessed that, the Habashi gave their votes to the Chastens in the Lebanon's election and the Christian gave their votes (about 16000 votes) to Taha Naji (Habashi's candidate in Lebanon's north). Unfortunately, he lost ! (look Al-Afkar Magazine issue No. 531 P. 13). Also, when they (Al-Ahbash) opened Education School, they invited a lot of Christians people such as John Aubead, Salaim Habeeb, Estafan Al-Dwehi, Na'elah Mu'wad (Reneeh Mu'wad's spouse), and others Christians (look Manar Al-Huda issue 6 P. 58). Also, one of Al-Ahabash's candidate accompany with a delegation from Islamic Charitable Projects visited Waleed Jumblat ( the Durzi's leader), and he gave them $35000 to build a school.

There are a lot of examples that is an evidence for that, the Muslims are the Habashi's enemy and the Christianity is their friends. For more information look at their magazine Manar Al-Huda as following :
- Issue No. 6 P. 59- Issue No. 16 P. 37- Issue No. 15 P. 35.- Issue No. 7 P. 67.- Issue No. 12 P. 35-39.- Issue No. 2 P.59- Issue No. 13 P. 58-59.- Issue No. 1 P. 31-34.- Issue No. 2 P. 16 , 32-34, 65-66- Issue No. 9 P. 7, 14, 20-21, 45-46.- and others ( if someone is interested I can give him more)

Now we knew that, they have very good special relationship with NON Muslims. Moreover, they invite them to their parties and give them unlimited respecting. After we knew that, let us recall what I presented in first part of these articles. What they said about Imam Ibn Tymmiyyah, Imam Al-Thahabi, Shikh Al-Albani, Shikh Ibn Baz, Shikh Sayed Sabeq, Islamic thinker Syed Qutub, some of Lebanon's Scholars (which I mentioned their names before), Al-Akhwan Al-Muslimeen, and others. When we recall that, we can have simple comparison between two actions ( what they did with NON Muslim and what they did with Muslims' SCHOLAR). Now, we know who is their friends and who is their enemies.

Islamic or Arabic Nationality

To know what Al-ahbash believe in this issue let us go to their leaders to see what they said about that issue.

Adnan Al-Trabulsi ( Habashi's candidate) "It is allowed to be there a peace with Jews, but our request is that we are as ARAB nation do have rights, we request them under ARAB agreement, and I am without any guarded supporting that agreement" (look Al-Shira'a magazine 09/07/1992 and Al-Afkar magazine 09/26/1992). Husam krkera -the Islamic Charitable Projects' vice president- said in an interview with Al-Safeer magazine (10/19/1992) " We are with ARAB agreement, when the ARAB agree to stop fighting the Jews, we are with that agreement". Nizar Al-Halabi (the former Islamic Charitable Projects' president ) said " Our candidate Dr. Adnan Trabulsi by the God's care won and reach the Parliament to arise with national good brothers the Lebanon's ARABIC identification". From these quotations we find that, When they talk about Palestine's problem or fighting the Jews, they make it as Arabic problem and they talk under Arab's umbrella. You know why?, if you just go back and look what I mentioned about their friends you will get the idea, it is very clear, if they talk about Islam or Islamic agreement for this problem, what will happen for their friends, they will be kicked out from this problem (as you know, because they are Christians) and Al-Ahbash does not like to work with their enemy (as you know Muslims) in this problem. When they (Al-Ahbash) thought a little bit about they found that, they and all Lebanon's Christians are ARAB, then the solution is to restrict the speech under ARAB umbrella. Moreover, do not forget that, the Arabic nationality originally came form Lebanon's Christians, then the Habashi's people should respect all Christians' ideas!.


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